How much does a thank you cost these days?

How much does it actually cost for a thank you?

Serious question. Sarcastic answers only please.

I bet you can’t get an answer better than this.

It’s free.

Seem like a bad joke? Or even a lie?

No really, it’s bad out there peeps. You do something nice and you don’t even get a thank you these days.

It’s like everything is expected, nothing is done out of generosity, it’s like a thank you will cost an arm and a leg.

Ok let’s start on what brought this blog to your greedy eyes today.

I went to go pick up my son after work, it just so happened to be school finishing time, just round the corner from me is a crossing, the kids don’t wait for you to stop they just walk out onto the road without looking and without the courtesy of a little lift of the hand to say thank you.

They just keep coming and coming and you can be sat there for ages, like 20 minutes because they just don’t stop or wait. If a car was speeding down the road they would still just keep crossing without thinking, trust me I’ve tried (just kidding, I haven’t) they have no sense of danger.

Then further up the road the lazy kids are jumping into the parents cars that are double parked and barely leaving enough space to let people past, opening doors whether there is a car or even truck passing, they just open the doors risking the doors being ripped off.

Then when you pass this stupid obstacle course or dumb ass kids, self important parents and flying doors, you have to risk your car trying to avoid the dickwads forcing their way through the other side.

If you survive this mine field rare breeds, you got to stop every now and then because of parked cars.

You know the ones where you stop to let someone pass from the other direction, then the fuckers you let past don’t even say thank you either.

Trust me the once I let about 10 cars pass, and guess how many said thank you (not expected, but it’s common courtesy right? I always say thanks if someone let’s me pass) ….. 1, yes 1 out of 10 said thank you.

Fucking joke right?

This calculates to, at this point in time, 10% of this population has manners and respect, that leaves 90% to be completely ignorant and arrogant.

Surely a thank you goes a long way right? Or am I missing out on a big thing here? Should I be charging to say thank you?

Should I be sending a bill to everyone I say thank you too? Shit me I’d be rich.

Maybe just £5 maybe £10, fuck, some people act like it costs an arm and a leg.

I also let a woman cross the road after I picked up lil man, we went to poundland, and on the way I slowed down and let this woman cross over, she didn’t even acknowledge me, never lone say thank you.

Then this silly girl was half way across the road so I stopped to let her complete her road crossing activity, then the stupid little cow stopped in the middle of the road to tell her mate (who wasn’t crossing the road) what time they were meeting up after they got changed. Yeah that actually happened. I papped the horn and she shit herself and stuck her finger up at me.

What it took not to run the dumb bitch over I do not know.

Where has the respect gone?

Then I held the door open of a shop and let this man go before me and lil man, did I get a thank you?

Did i fuck.

I also read a story today, on LinkedIn, this man not much younger than me (fuck off I’m not that old) was at the train station, when the train arrived he help the doors open (by putting his arm in to stop them shutting prematurely) and let an old couple into the carriage, got a thank you, then done the same for 2 young girls, then got a tut and a sigh and a sly comment and a dirty look off said girls.

He asked what their problem was, to their reply was, “just because we are female, do you think we can’t walk through a door way without the help of a man”.

What the fuck? Can’t a man hold a door open these days without pretty much being called a sexist pig.

Then with this story came the comments, don’t get me wrong he had a load of support from men and women alike (and non gender specific I’m guessing, sorry didn’t want to leave anyone out).

Then I noticed the bitchy brigade pop up, saying shit like why do men think women can’t open their own doors? Why do men think women always need their help?

Get fucked you silly fucktards.

A simple thank you would surfice, thank you very much.

I don’t care if I upset anyone with this blog, if someone is kind enough to hold a damn door open for you, fucking say thank you. If someone kindly lets you pass a parked car, say thank you or raise your hand to acknowledge you thank them for their sacrifice of slowing down their journey to let your ignorant stuck up arse pass.

Don’t be a fucktard people, don’t be ignorant or arrogant, and definitely don’t be a women are strong bullshit cowbag jut because a man holds a door open for you, they would do it for anyone, yes even another man, shockingly shocking eh? Grow the fuck up.

Say thank you, it is free to do so.

Ignore the rumours of if you say thank you you need to send a blank check. The only thing it costs is 2 seconds of your time, to be honest it doesn’t even cost that much, as you can say it in passing, costing you no extra time.

If you like you have to stop and bow down to show your appreciation, you don’t have to stop to suck ass to show how much it means to you, you don’t have to roll out the red carpet and give out an award for the most polite person in the vacinity.

2 words would surfice, 8 letters is enough (9 if you count the space, or need to breath in between words)

Thank you

Is it that hard? Is it painful?

Anyway, THANK YOU, for taking the time to read this, THANK YOU, for being a reader of my shit, and THANK YOU, just for the hell of it.

(By the way that was 3 thank yous, so you owe me £30, yeah I’m an expensive motherfucker)



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  1. Everyone likes their kindness acknowledged, it’s human nature. But you don’t do it for that. You do it because you think it’s right. The acknowledgement is just a bonus. There are different ways to say thank you, Rob. If someone follows you and comments on your posts, it’s only courtesy to thank them by visiting their blog in return and at the very least commenting on their posts even if you don’t follow them back. Don’t you think?

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    • Totally agree, the point I was trying to get across was, the attitude of people is getting worse in this country, aswell as every other country I imagine.
      A thank you goes a long way, I personally don’t do things for a thank you, it just means a lot.
      Also on that note, it may sound a bit double standards here, but I’ve not seen any of your blogs for a while, mostly because I’ve not recieved any emails to say you posted new content, maybe I should visit and re-sign up, ….. how are you anyway mary?


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