Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, the only shortage is drivers, let them do their job, stop panicking sheeple.

This weekend has been crazy, not personally but nationwide.

Sheeple are acting crazy, clogging up fuel stations because they are scared the fuel is going to run out.

This then causes some places to run out of fuel.

Yeah I’ll let you think about that a while.


The only reason the forecourts are running out of fuel is because people are fucking dumb. If wveryone didn’t panic buy or even told about the “fuel crisis” (which isn’t a fuel crisis by the way it’s a driver crisis) they forecourts would still be running as normal.

Once again the news hypes up the driver shortage by alarming people causing people to go running for the pumps.

There is plenty of fuel, plenty of food.

There would continue to be plenty of fuel and food if people weren’t told about drivwr shortage, guess why?

People wouldn’t be panicking, it is only because people have been told the food and fuel will be affected, that people are going nuts.

Then they see stocks dwindling because of a few panic buyers then they panic, then others see it then you get it, it’s a crazy circle.

All ot takes is some numpty to mention it and the media cops a wind of it and it reaches the news then all pandemonium breaks loose.

Take it this way this driver shortage has been round for a while now, like 8 to 12 months.

A few things started becoming low on stock, mostly luxury items, AKA things people can live without.

Then people start panicking and buying more than they need.

Yeah does that remind you of the toilet roll at the start of the pandemic? Me too.

Then other things become low on stock because people stocking up and over buying.

Then the power companies, mostly gas, start struggling, so get bought out, hey more panic.

Then one company, BP, struggle to get drivers (driver shortage) to get fuel out, so have to shut a couple garages to prioritise.

Then boom, dickheads think “oh no we got no fuel”.

Causing sheeple (yes they are called sheeple) to panic, thus then causes people to buy more fuel than they need, more than they usually would, more often than they would.

This then causes forecourts to start running out.

Not because they are running low, but because the stock is being used up faster by tossers.

Jesus people, what is wrong with you?

Seriously, are people really that dumb. They will blame the government, they will blame the fuel stations and suppliers, they will blame the truck drivers.

The only blame to point is they people themselves. Maybe even the media for over dramatising.

Shit me, maybe the media needs reinventing, maybe they just need plugging up a bit more. They will do anything to sell a paper, to get more views on the 6 o’clock or 10 o’clock news.

They will start a nationwide panic just to get more views and sell more papers.

As usual the sheeple believe everything they read or hear, and pop goes the weasel, it happens.

It happens after the fact.

Yes it happens because your told it already happens.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but there was no problem, then you was told there’s a problem, there then becomes a problem.

See what I’m getting at here.

Problems manufactured, problems dramatised, problems you didn’t know existed become existent because your told it’s there.

Sheeple. Enough said.

Let’s see if this ^ causes the wankers to donate some baby batter eh?

This country is on it’s knees, because of assholes.

Ok lets go back to the begining, driver shortage is due to one thing.

Before Brexit, we had losds of foreign drivers yeah? Cheaper wages to pay? But still more than they could earn in their home countries, fair play to them, no judgement or foul play or discrimination.

This then causes home turf potential HGV drivers to miss out on oportunities, aka jobs or even decent paid jobs.

Then come brexit, all the foreigners have to be sent home, taking with them the drivers and agricultural skilled people. Foreigners that were cheap labour, mostly by farmers and haulage firms.

Then we haven’t got enough home grown skilled drivers or fruit pickers ect.

Hence the shortage of drivers and farm help and packers ect.

Then the country starts suffering because europe start playing games as well as our own government to try to get one over each other (not anti government)

This then causes lack of drivers and pickers and warehouse staff, causeing some supermarkets to lack stock.

Now seriously, we can see the efects now eh? This problem we now have is caused by greedy people, and also let me get this in here, drivers treated like shit by the public.

Greed and selfishness is what got us here, and greed and selfishness is what will keep us here.

Take it this way, you know that truck struggling to get in or out that tight gate, and noone wants to let them out because it’ll slow them down, yeah that is 99% of the population, think about it this way, the more you let the driver sit there, the longer it’ll take for them to conplete deliveries. Hence feeding the shortage because they haven’t enough time to make 1 delivery.

That delivery then has to be made the next day, maybe causing another delivery slot to be missed, but then drivers forced to wait for someone with common sense to let them pull in or out a tight spot.

This then causing another delivery slot to be missed, so that makes 2 delivery slots missed in a couple of days.

Then so on and so forth, they add up over a week.

If people weren’t so selfish and greedy, then there wouldn’t be no worries.

Let that truck reverse into that tight space to deliver their good, let the truck driver pull out so they can make their next delivery in time.

Give truckers the right of way, because without them your fucked, you will have less, you will have nothing without truck drivers.

Literally nothing

So please use common semse, truckers are not a burden to other road users, they are the backbone to life, see it this way, you wouldn’t even have roads if it wasn’t for truckers.

Grow the fuck up people, don’t be selfish, and be sensible, that is the only way to get this god forsaken country back where it should be.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.



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