More respect for the transport industry is needed, every section, truck drivers, planners, and even mechanics.

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Hey peeps.

So let me start by saying the origin of this blog started purely because of people’s ignorance and complaining about stock shortages in shops and truck drivers being a birden on the road.

Also how much people complain about truck drivers taking up the roads and stuff.

Well let me begin by saying there is a severe shortage of truck drivers in the country at the moment, and basically that’s where the stock in shops gets to the shop.

If you go to, let’s say Tesco or Morrison’s or Sainsburys, how do most people think that food they put in their fridge or freezer actually comes from?

Well let me clear this up right now,

They don’t grow there.

You know the truck drivers? Yes the same ones that didn’t get a long holiday paid by the government last year, like most people.

While a hell of a lot of people were put on the furlough scheme, well most truck drivers had to keep driving, so everyone could still have food on the table.

Yeah and toilet roll, you know the stuff that people were stocking up and hoarding, for some weird unknown reason.

You see there isn’t anything in your life that hasn’t been on a truck at least once in it’s time, that includes every single piece of food you eat, or in many cases waste, that’s another story for another time.

It also includes your car, that got delivered to the garage on a truck, your furniture, your damn T.V. your xbox or playstation, your luxuries like makeup and toys,your tea coffee, even your little things like your phone or tablet, everything you possess and own has once upon a time been on the back of a truck.

Even your house, every brick that makes up your house was once in the back of a truck. Your wallpaper/paint, even your bath and toilet and cooker and microwave and kettle and kitchen sink.

I’ve even heard some people conplain that Mcdonalds milkshake makers are empty, guess what, they arrive in a truck too.

You see everything we love and have relies on trucks, just so we have luxuries and survive, more so we all rely on our truck drivers.

Who may I add work shitty long hours as it is.

Most truck drivers start work at stupid times like 2 or 3am.

Also the abuse I’ve seen truck drivers face just because they are limited to 56mph on the motorway, or trying to reverse they 60 foot trailer into a tight space because that’s the only way in or out or some places. Shit me, people even complain because they pull away slowly sometimes.

People don’t realise, some of these truck are potentially carrying 44 tonnes (maximum legal limit for the UK)

You see the reason I’m writing all this is because I would love to see more respect for the transport industry.

Every section of it.

Esspecially the hard working drivers.

Even the mechanics (not being biased)

But even mechanics are seen as lowest of the low, not respected like they should be “oh they are just mechanics” is what I’ve heard in the past.

Let me just say, you wouldn’t get what you have if it wasn’t for trucks/truckers, but the trucks wouldn’t last very long if it wasn’t for the mechanics.

So if you ever see a truck broken down, don’t get mad, there will be someone like me coming to fix it, or at least doing the best we can to get the vehicle running again. So please leave space so we can arrive and work safely.

Also, if you see a truck struggling to get into a place give them space to manoeuvre, if your in their way  how the hell will you get your Sunday roast this Sunday, or you BBQ items in the next heatwave, or beer when your having a party.

Show some respect, and even say thank you to the people who make your life easy, if it wasn’t for the transport industry you would still need to go hunting for your food. Think about that.

There is something else that was annoying during this pandemic, truck drivers were still expected to deliver shit, but they had nowhere to have their rests and get some food. Yeah even Macdonald’s wouldn’t serve them because only the drive through was open at 1st, and they wouldn’t serve them because they wasn’t in a vehicle, well their vehicle couldn’t fit under the canopy.

See how much lack of respect their is? Pure ignorance, and it’s disgusting really.

Even now, truck drivers are expected to work even harder, due to the shortage of drivers.

There is a shortage of drivers because noone wants to take up the jobs, guess why?

Noone respects them.

Can you see the cycle?

So please people, give a thank you to a truck driver today, well anyone in the transport industry keeping them wheels turning, keeping them shelves stocked up, keeping you and your family fed and alive, keeping you housed and comfortable. There is a long line of people keeping your world comfortable and livable.

Give respect where it is due.

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3 replies

  1. This is an excellent article n tribute to the transportation industry n drivers. I loved it. You are rare n this topic is uniquely beautiful to say coz most of us aren’t even recognizing the little important things that are being served to us by such people through many struggles even during the pandamic. Truly we need to show some appriciation n thanks to all of them n you as well for writing this piece. Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, I just want people to appreciate that times are hard for everyone, but sometimes harder for others. Not many people appreciate how much hard work goes into something as simple as getting food on the table. I’m hoping this will reach as many people as possible so they can realise it isn’t as simple as just popping to the shop, a lot of people do a lot to help that happen. Thank you again 💗


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