What a week this past week has been, sorry my blog is late but been a bit stressful with work over the weekend, I didn’t have the past shift but the quality of football that was played on the pitch made up for it. Shame about the result though, we lost 1-0 to Spurs but we should of won with the amount of chances we had. Since I was at work yesterday I have had to put an ice pack on my foot twice because it looks swollen, unsure what I have done.

Not been sleeping too good because I suffer with tinnitus and its been affecting my sleep. Found out I have been referred to the tinnitus clinic in February but still waiting to be seen!!!!!!! So I’m having to ring hospital myself to speak to my ENT consultant to sort it.

Me and my eldest have been watching some more films……

Unbreakable- the first in this trilogy, we wasn’t that keen on it. It has Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson in it but it sets the story for the next two films.

Spilt- we loved this film. James McAvoy plays the main role in this one and he plays a character who has split personality, some of his personalities are funny with the way he speaks.

Glass- the final film. All 3 characters finally meet but that is all I’m going to say because if your going to watch it I don’t want to give it away.

I have started watching Grey’s Anatomy on Disney+. I’m enjoying. It was recommended to me from my mom as well as a few groups on Facebook.

I purchased myself some wireless headphones because I wear a hearing aid in my left ear I can’t listen to my music using earphones due to the ear mould being inside my ear and it feels good finally being able to listen to music in both ears. To some people that doesn’t mean much but to me it means a lot.

I did a live video on my Avon Page on Facebook demonstrating new products in particular the new smartwatch that will be out next month.

Single Mummy H xoxo

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