What a quiet week!!!!!!!!!

It’s been a quiet week for myself this week. Not done anything exciting, had a chilled week with my girls well when I say girls I mean my eldest as my youngest stayed at my moms.

Me and my eldest watched some more movies on Sunday, we watched a couple of films on Netflix- the first one was called Level 16- where girls were in what they thought was like a boarding school and they were taught how to look after their skin and every year of their life they would move up a level and when they reach level 16 they thought they would be getting adopted but in fact the girls were killed and their faces were skinned. The adoptive parents weren’t really adopting the girls, the women wanted the young girls faces. The girls finally escaped in the end.

We watched another film called Room where a man kept a woman in a shed in his garden and she had his child, she would put the child to bed in her wardrobe and the man would come to her room and sleep with her, he would also bring her food. She devised a plan with her son so they could escape- she rolled her son up in a carpet to make out he had passed away and the man would take him away, the son would then roll himself out of the carpet whilst on the back of the man’s truck and jump out of the truck and run and ask for help which the son did. The mother and son was reunited with the mother’s parents but the mother struggled to be on the outside and tried to take her own life, the son struggled to be around people to begin with but eventually came out his shell.

We watched another film called Run based on a mother and daughter relationship, the daughter was in a wheelchair but the mother was drugging the daughter with medication that was meant to be for a dog. In the end the mother was in a psychiatric hospital and the final scene saw the daughter spit out the same medication the mother had been giving her that she had smuggled into the psychiatric hospital.

I have been binge watching series 2 of Bad Girls, I love this programme, use to love it when it first came out.

WOOHOO THE PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!! Not the actual start I wanted for my team – Wolves FC. We lost 1-0 away to Leicester City. We played well, we showed we had some fight, we had some chances, we just couldn’t find the back of the net (well we did, it was ruled offside). Bring on Spurs next weekend at home- return of Nuno.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Single Mummy H xoxo

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