Chivalry has died, my view and confusion of LGBTQQIP2SAA (LGBTQ+)


In no way shape or form is any of this blog meant to upset, confuse, offend, cause offence, demoralise or divide any persons who identify as any of the below. Anything said in this blog is from my mind, but has no reflection on how I feel about anyone or anything. This os purely for entertainment value and purposes (also to try to understand something I quite clearly do not)

I’m sorry if I offend or cause offence, this is not my intention.

Chivalry has died.

I’m afraid to say this is pretty true. Do you remember the day’s when a person could compliment a member of the opposite sex and just be thanked for it?

Yeah it’s been a while.

Ok so let me just say, I saw something on LinkedIn today, a poll about if a man complimented you what would you do? The choices were …..

Ignore maybe block.

Tell them it’s not appropriate.

Share a post about a warn. (ok this one means take a screen shot of the message and post it in a post, like Facebook, and warn others of the sexual harassment they have recieved, just from a compliment yeah some are arseholes and think it’s tinder, but its becoming a craze to out someone for a comment)

Contact their employer.

Ok so that’s the only choices, there was no choice like ….. say thank you for the compliment and move on.

Lersonally this tells me something, you want to know what it is?

A man can’t compliment a woman without being accused of being a sexual predator or taking part in sexual harassment.

Shit me, have we come to a time where chivalry has actually died? A compliment is so bad it offends?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not everyone, but I’m seeing it more and more every day.

Back in the day if someone said you look beautiful, the reply would be “aww thank you, thats made my day”, now (I’m seeing a lot) it’s “that’s inappropriate” or “I’m not an object for your perverted mind”.

Shit me not, that’s the replies I see (not personally, but replies I’ve seen or heard others recieve). Has the times come to an end where a man can hold open a door for a woman without being scolded at, or having a comment like “I’m a strong and independent woman, I can get my own door thank you”.

Jesus fucking christ, the world is getting worse.

Ok so don’t get me wrong and don’t give me hate, because I know damn well there is a lot of sexual harassment going around, but it’s not new, it hasn’t just suddenly started to happen, it’s been around forever, it’s just more widely reported these days, and fair fucking play, it should be reported every time.

That being said, there has to be a line drawn somewhere, a compliment isn’t sexual harassment, it’s just a nice thing to do or say to make someones day. Holding a door open isn’t taking away someones independence, it’s just a nice thing to do.

Ok let’s say this just for arguments sake (yes just an example, I don’t go round doing this, as it may offend) Just because I say to a woman “you look beautiful today” or “looking sexy today” or “wow you look amazing”, it doesn’t mean I want to fuck her, or try to get lucky in the store cupboard on break time.

It’s a fucking conpliment.

Now if I snuck up behind a woman and slapped her arse, or said “your tits look massive today” or “shit girl that ass is looking hot”, then fair enough, report me all you want.

It’s not even a fine line, it’s not even that easy to cross or that easy to mistake a compliment and a down right disgusting or sexist comment.

Even though, if the boot was on the other foot, let’s say a woman done it to a man, then fuck me sideways, what the fuck you complaining about bro? It’s a compliment.

See what I mean? The world is a fucked up twisted, falling into a massive black hole (sorry I said “black” I hope I don’t offend) pile of shit.

Oh did you also know you can’t wven say manhole or manhole cover anymore? You know the things in the ground that go into the sewage system?

Yeah well they are now called a maintenance holes and maintenance hole cover in this new politically correct world. It may sound weird but all my life I’ve called them manholes or manhole covers. Aka gender neutral hole/cover (that was the actual explination on google)

Just an example ☝️

Other words that have changed consist of policeman or police woman is not politically incorrect, just in case they identify as the oppsite sex or gender neutral or if they identify as a tree. You now have to call them a police officer, which is what is used anyway but hey ho, my blog my words, my example.

Which then brings me to say something that many may argue with, it is what it is but here goes, you can’t refer to someone as he/her, him/she. You see everyone has to choose which pronoun they want to be identified as these days, aka he/him or her/she or even They/them.

Erm ok this confuses me, “they/them” usually refers to more than one person. So this one stumps me. I totally understand if a male identifies as a female or a female identifies as a male, but how can a man or a female be identified as more than one person.

Seriously, it does confuse me, I’m not trying to offend or cause offence (just incase they both mean 2 different things these days, hey! who knows eh?) But do the people who prefer the pronoun of they/them have 2 personalities? Or is it because they don’t know if they are a female or male on the inside or they don’t feel like a fenale or male (or don’t feel like they are the opposite sex or the sex they were born as).

Ok does that last paragraph sound confusing to you? It does to me, and I fucking wrote it.

Now you know how I feel with all these pronouns being thrown around.

Ok maybe they/them refers to a gender neutral person/tree/hole/object (I don’t fucking know anymore sorry folks).

You see, what ever happened to people being human, female/male, or woman trapped in a mans body or vise versa, then if that was the case they had a sex change, but then this brings into transgender. Shit you not, someone who wants to be the oposite sex is now transgender.

Fuck off, the woman who wanted to be a man is now a man, the man who wanted to be a woman is now a woman. They have all the necessary parts to be a woman or a man, so be called a woman or a man, simple as fucking that. If you haven’t got the parts to be what you want, then you got the parts that you needed to become what you wanted to be.


The world is a confusing place these days, and people wander why the young ones are confused.

What used to be LGBT, is now…..

LGBTQ+ refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning, with the plus sign signifying a desire to be inclusive.

But also have this…..

LGBTQQIP2SAA stands for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, pansexual, (2S) two-spirit, androgynous and asexual.            

Lesbian: A woman who is emotionally or sexually attracted to other women.

Gay: A sexual orientation that is basically a person who is emotionally or sexually attracted to people of their own gender, which is often used to describe a man. (Personally I think women should call themselves Gay due to the fact a man can’t call himself lesbian, so to the lesbians out there, stick to the term lesbian please, let the men have their own description for them, not sharing)

Bisexual: A person who is practically greedy, so someone who is emotionally or sexually attracted to more than one gender.

Pansexual: A person who is attracted to all different kinds of different people, regardless of their gender identity. (so basically bisexual, I personally don’t see a difference, but maybe I’m out of the loop)

Asexual:  A person who doesn’t fit traditional standards and expectations with sexual desire, Asexuality is just one end of the spectrum (many in the LGBTQQIP2SAA community see sexuality as a spectrum, so they base sexuality on a scale kind of thing, for example, straight is number 1 on the scale, and gay/lesbian is 10 on the scale with everything else in between, as an example but not accurate) with identities (gray areas) in between. Someone who is asexual may not be sexually active but still flick the bean or pull their pudding, respective of their genetalia. Or they may be attracted to people but not desire sex.
People who identify as graysexual fall somewhere between asexual and sexual on the spectrum, and can be someone who fancies someone but does not do the sexy time thing. Like fall in love but not be sexually active, or very rarely sexually active (some may say it sounds like being married, well I’m just saying what you were thinking)

(Disclaimer alert) An asexual person is not a plant, or worm or sea star or a fungi ect. yes I looked it up, go search asexual if you don’t believe me, and humans do not reproduce that way so please don’t try or think anything different. Asexual is something that reproduces without the sexy time stuff, which a person cannot do)

Then there’s Aromantic: Ok basically someone who doesn’t find no romantic attraction to anyone, or maybe very little. To me that sounds like someone who hates everyone.

Wow, that’s a lot to digest eh?

I’ll stick with she’s a lesbian, he’s gay and he/she is bisexual and that person over there hates everyone.

Isn’t that just more simple?

In no way shape or form is any of this blog meant to upset, confuse, offend, cause offence, demoralise or divide any persons who identify as any of the above.

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  1. Well, I must say it is getting a bit much. I can’t; I’m a woman. I honestly think some do, not all take things wrong or want to cause a problem. This world is getting a bit scary.

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