Hi everyone sorry my blog is late up, had a busy weekend- stayed at my moms Friday night, had a unsettled sleep but yesterday I finally went back to work, not been there since March last year due to the pandemic. I’m not going to lie it felt weird. Met my work mates for breakfast first then we walked down to work had to queue up to sign in, was given an envelope with new work pass and a wolves face mask. I was put on a different block because we was short staff but it was a different experience. Onto the next game in two weeks when we play Spurs at home. We play Leicester away next week, I can’t wait.

Today I’m cooking a roast dinner which I love about Sundays- chilling out and cooking a roast dinner.

This week I have completed getting my kids school uniforms so the rest of the school holidays I haven’t got to worry or stress about it and I can just chill knowing it’s all sorted.

Me and my eldest sat and watched a film last night on Netflix called Tall Girl. It’s about a 16 year old girl in high school who is 6’1 and struggles with finding love because she is taller than everyone including boys and the bullying she experiences. My eldest is 14 and she is 5’10 and she is taller than me, she will call me midget and I will call her stretch or lanky but that’s the banter we have.

Enjoy your weekend and the rest of your week.

Single Mummy H xoxo

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  1. Great post Rob.. really interesting & awesome how you posted this for a single mumma.. ❤️ Single mumma’s ❤️ Single papas ❤️

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  2. It was me single Mummy H who posted it hun. I now post blogs on here as well as Rob. Hope you are ok xx


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