Olympics, Box sets, Football, School Holidays- need I say more!!!!!!!!

How is everyone????
I have been watching the Olympics and cheering on Team GB especially local boxer Ben Whittaker who is guaranteed a medal, well done to the lad.
I have binge watching Love Island and couldn’t believe what I have been watching and finally……….Hugo has finally got himself a woman, its took him how long. Also been binge watching the first series of Bad Girls, loved watching this programme when it first came out. So many actors and actresses went from this to star in other things.
Been watching my beloved team during their preseason warm up. They have been out in Spain this week and back playing Stoke this weekend.
Well one week into the school holidays and I have nearly finished getting school uniforms. Went and brought my youngest her school shoes the other day and at to buy a size UK 3 shoe, she is only 7!!!!!!!! This child is going to have big feet like her mother lol I have size 9 feet lol.
Finished my coursework now awaiting my tutor to mark my assessments and get back to me.
Woohoo Raul Jimenez is back on the scoresheet, he scores against Stoke, the game finished 1-1.
I have started the dreaded………XMAS shopping. Already started getting presents lol.

Single Mummy H xoxo

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  1. Hi strangers, I’ve been absent on here for a bit but back. Hope to enjoy your posts again. I hope your weekend is going well.😊

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