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OMG I don’t know how I have coped this week with this hot weather, I have had the fan on constantly- morning, noon and night. I have done the school run, come home jumped in the shower because I have been sweating buckets!!!!! Being a plus-size woman in this heat isn’t good. I have gone through how many bottles of water.

Busy last few days of school term, organising the flowers for 2 members of the schools PTFA and on the last day I helped out at the leavers assembly and dished out one bouquet to one parent who had tears and the Chair of the PTFA is stepping down so gave her her bouquet with a bottle of her favourite beverage and some chocolates which she wasn’t expecting. It was nice to see the shock on her face.

6 weeks of chilling with my children. Already made a start on buying school uniforms, got to be in there quick. I have one going into year 10 so starting GCSEs and one going into year 3 lol.

I’m an admin on a page on Facebook for the area I live in and I have put a post together on there by putting links on there for jobs in the local area to help the youngsters who have just left school or people who are looking for work, I have had loads of positive feedback from it.

I have received the best news EVER!!!!!. I START BACK AT WORK SOON. I haven’t been there since March last year when this pandemic started and I can’t wait to be back doing what I love most. I was there the other day taking some ID in and couldn’t resist taking a pic because its like my second home. I got my email to say I’m back in on the 7th August.

I’m having my 2nd Covid jab on Sunday. Wish me all luck. Hope I’m ok like the 1st. Also got my Vitamin B12 injection next week.

I’m trying to find another box set to watch over the 6 weeks so throw your ideas at me.

Who else is watching Love Island, if so, who do you like? My favourite is Hugo so #teamhugo all the way.

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Single Mummy H xoxo

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  1. The heat is a bit too much. 😊

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