Busy week- coursework, appointments, football and COVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A blog from Single Mummy H.

Hi everyone hope everyone is enjoying the lovely hot weather we are having unfortunately I’m not. I don’t cope well in this weather. I have had the fan on constantly on myself.

Had a busy week doing my coursework I have finished my 2nd unit and I have only got 1 more unit to go. Hopefully should finish next week. I have decided to take a break and not to do anymore and give myself a chance to have a rest.

I have had various appointments this week either face to face or over the phone. One appointment was with the job centre and my advisor was over 10 minutes late, if we was late we would get our payments sanctioned but if they are late nothing is said.

Last weekend me and my youngest went to collect our new glasses and I have had nothing but compliments because I am very few people who can pull off dark hair with dark frame glasses. I also dyes my hair last week well redone my roots- I love my dark side- I dye my hair cosmic blue but it comes out very dark blue towards black which I love.

I watched the England Vs Italy final with my girls and I’m gutted we didn’t win but I’m so proud of the boys of how far they went. I’m annoyed of the racist backlash that they have received and I’m disgusted that nothing has been done about it properly- the one bloke who did a racist tweet turned round and said he was hacked but he has used that excuse before in the past.

This weekend coming is the start of the preseason football and I can’t wait for the season to start because it means I’m back at work. I’m counting down the days.

On Friday my eldest came home and told me that at her school there was only one maths teacher as 1 teacher had tested positive for covid and the others were all self-isolating. She has now broken up for the 6 weeks as there has been too many positive cases at her school. I’m so glad we do the lateral flow tests twice a week and we hardly go out.

Enjoy the start of the summer holidays

Single Mummy H xoxo

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