Influencers and advertisers, distorting reality, putting our kids at risk.

Hey peeps, happy Thursday.

Today’s been an awesome day, got the good stuff done at work, it was tough going but I still enjoyed it as I do with jobs that keep me busy.

I done a spring eye bush, but had to take the spring out properly, to do it, so yeah I had fun. Also done a drag link.

The best part of the day though was seeing lil man. He always puts a smile on my face.

We went to get a slush for him and a coffee for me. Let’s just say the coffee machine in the spar ended up broken half way through making my drink, so we went to morrisons to get my coffee that one finished before it started beeping, I thought I’d broke  that one too but luckily it just ran out of milk.

There is more to this post than coffee machines breaking down honestly, I just though it would be nice to talk about shit, see how much you are dedicated to me.

So if you are still here your worthy of something better.

Well it will be better, as long as your not an “influencer” or “perfect” or even “perfect at everything”.

Yeah, with this blog I’m going to talk about so called influencers, you know the kind, the ones with all the perfect photos, perfect lives and flashy shit.

So let me start here, I’ve been watching videos lately on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ect. and by god they are pissing me off.

Like there was one guy who was flashing his steroid induced muscles, posing like a twat (no not jealous), you know the kind, fancies himself and things all the chicks dig him ect.

He ended up doing a shit ton of back flips, but that’s all people see. Yeah it’s impressive don’t get me wrong, but think of it this way, how many times did he fail to end up doing that? Shouldn’t he, as an influencer, show how many times he has failed? Prove to people that no matter how many times you fail, if you never give up you can improve and reach your goal? Wouldn’t that be a better message than say if you can’t do it then your not as good as me? You see what I’m saying?

I even saw something else, a woman showing off her body, looking “perfect” (whatever people see as perfect these days) and “flawless”, but then you see a picture of her without filters, or picture adjustments and she looks totally different.

Shit why do some people actually think they have to adjust their pictures to look better? Doesn’t that just show the younger generation the wrong impression?

You see people, esspecially the younger generation, see these touched up and changed images and think that’s how they are supposed to be or look like, this then makes them ill or suicidal trying to get that “perfect” image.

Peoples reality of perfection is distorted beyond belief, and it’s because of these influencers and even advertisers do it too.

They also look nothing like the pictures in real life. They shouldn’t be allowed to touch up or change/manipulate images they should use the original pictures to show real true beauty, to show that everyone is perfect in their own way, no matter what you look like, or what colour you are or race or gender or size

This is why teenage suicide/attempted suicide has sky rocketed. They see these dickheads looking “perfect” and think that’s how they need to look to get through life, and they can’t reach that because it’s not real. The pictures have been changed so much that it’s unrealistic, and they try to look like that by starving themselves, because they can’t reach that unrealistic figure they see on a damn screen.

It also distorts the mind of the opposite sex, because they see these images and think it’s hot and sexy and they loose out because it’s not real, they want something that is fake, something they will never find because it’s not real.

In some cases, they even see the opposite gender as objects, they don’t see another human being, they see a sex object. You know why? Because that’s how they come across in these poctures and videos.

Peoples reality has become distorted.

There’s even some now that even get their friends to record them giving away stuff, like xboxs and playstations, even money.

Shit, that’s actually embarrassingly desperate, they have to prove that they give for likes, I mean there’s celebrities and footballers who give a shit ton of they money to charities (yes even overpaid footballers) and you never hear about it, why? because they don’t need your approval, they don’t need to prove anything. Everyone knows they have a lot of money, so they don’t have to prove it.

These, mostly, stuck up spoilt brats that have been given everything in life have to prove what they got, show off they have money, and most haven’t even done a honest day’s work in their life.

It’s funny really, it’s no wander half the young uns these days think they have to spend £250 or more on a pair of trainers, or turn up to their friends in a BMW or Audi, they don’t realise it’s not even their car till it’s actually been finished paid off. You miss a payment they will soon take it back, because it’s not yours until you make that last payment.

Sorry off topic there, but on point.

Then you get these people who do videos, trying to be cool or trying to make out they are awesome or even a sex god or goddess, but most the time, you can tell the video is fake as fuck and scripted. It’s embarrassing isn’t it? It’s just like them programmes like “TOWIE” they say they are unscripted and real life, it’s just cameras following round a bunch of friends or people, but you can fucking tell haha.

This my friends is why people’s grip on reality is slipping, it’s why there is so much hate and bullying, especially social media bullying. It’s because of these shitty programmes, influencers, modeling agencies and adverts.

There should be a law, like in norway, that any pictures altered are required to disclose that the pictures have been altered in any way shape or form.

They should do that everywhere, it may even stop them doing it so much.

That’s just my thought, what do you think?



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  1. Perfection is boring! They don’t influence anyone at all. No real thing!

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