What a quiet week!!!!!!!! England are in the final!!!!!!!

Hi everyone. I can’t believe I have had a such a quiet week which is unusual for me lol.

Last weekend both myself and my youngest both had our eyes tested and had new glasses, we collect them on Saturday 10th July. Sunday was just like any other Sunday, I cooked a roast dinner and chilled out with my daughters.

This week has been quiet so I have done some more of my coursework (Level 2 certificate in Allergy Awareness).

I have been binge watching ER, I remember watching it ages ago and found it on All4 so thought I would binge watch it.

I have tried something new this week…….teriyaki popcorn broccoli. I found them in Asda in the freezer section and OMG they are amazing, I love them. I need to get some more. I put a post on my Facebook and had a few comments off friends who want to try them.

ENGLAND ARE IN THE EURO FINAL!!!!!!!!! ITS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!! We have been waiting how long for this. My flag is still up in my window and I think I’m the only one in my street with a flag up lol.

I’m one step closer to start my new job in September, I have sent off my paperwork for my DBS.

I’m getting use to my new hearing aid. I still feel self conscious when I’m doing the school run as I don’t want many people to know as I know what some of the parents would say especially the ones who think they are better than everyone else because we all know every school has them.

Who has been watching Love Island????? I feel so sorry for Hugo, all the girls putting him the friends zone and then he wasn’t chosen during the latest challenge. Then he was upset because Faye threw a fit because he shared his opinion that he doesn’t like fake women such as looks and personality. I can see his point, some women don’t need to mess with their looks or some women go OTT with their treatments. Personally I don’t do fake nails or hair extensions or fake tan, if a man doesn’t like me for who I am then it’s their loss.


Signing off. Enjoy your weekend and England ITS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Single Mummy H xoxo

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  1. Yay glad to have a happy post from you! I am done with love island that’s available on netflix so I don’t think it’s the same as Hugo one? That’s not on yet 🙂


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