Another busy week- football and end of year organisation.

Sorry for my late blog. I have had a busy week. I hate end of year school organisation. I am part of my youngest daughters school PTFA and the chair is stepping down so the rest of us members have all put together and raised some money for her. I have been to the florist and ordered some flowers with the money we have raised and another member has been to Tesco and brought her a bottle of her favourite tipple and a box of chocolates, we are planning to give it to her during the Year 6 leavers assembly as we have had permission off the Head Teacher. I have also got a thank you card and got all the members to write in it.

On Monday I had to travel to Wolverhampton to go and have my hearing aid fitted, it felt weird at first but I’m slowly getting use to it, I just turn it down when I’m in a loud place such as being on the playground at hometime lol.

On Friday I went and had my hair cut it’s my only treat I do for myself and I go to a decent one because they do a fantastic job and I get a head massage when they wash my hair lol.

I hate bullies both my girls have been name called or something has happened over the past week and I have had to speak to both schools about an incident or two.

Ending my blog with the football great to see England still in the Euro. Hope they get something against Ukraine tonight. Come on lads the whole of England are behind you. ITS COMING HOME. Even ask Aleka about it lol.

Signing off……..Single Mummy H xxx

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  1. It seems good plan with all your arrangements to make the Little one happy.

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  2. I love helping out. It makes me feel good xx

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