Busy Bee, hectic week and football!!!!!!

Last weekend celebrated my nieces birthday with a party at her house, had a bouncy castle in the garden (even the adults went on, I didn’t though). I was too busy having my first cuddles with my baby nephew who is 5 weeks old and chatting to my sister in law and my auntie and uncle. Ended up leaving my moms house with some dishes that she gave me and some samosas and pakoras because my sister had been to the shop where they make the samosas and they are nice.

Been watching the football and it broke me when I saw Christian Eriksen fall to the fall and having to be resuscitated and having to use the defibrillator. I have just been trained to do all of that myself because I’m due to start my new job in September. I have put my England flag up in my bedroom window.

My eldest has not been well and is having to do a covid test so she is off school till we have done the test (fingers crossed).

I’m doing a letter/story of my daughters condition as she has Pectus Excavatum which is also known as sunken chest syndrome and NHS England don’t do treatment for this condition as they deem it as cosmetic. Myself and a group of parents are fighting to get treatment back for our children. At the moment NHS England are reviewing their policy but this can take 12-18 months so we are currently left in limbo. So we have come up with an idea to all do letters and send them to the TV programmes.

I have come down with a throat infection, phoned the doctors on Thursday morning for the receptionist to tell me that the doctor will do a telephone appointment with me because the doctor still isn’t doing face to face appointments yet. Doctor phoned me and I told her my symptoms and she had prescribed me some antibiotics and she sent my prescription electronically to the pharmacy so I walked up to the pharmacy which is only a 2 minute walk away from mine to collect my tablets. I’m on 2 tablets 4 times a day but got to take them on an empty stomach so it’s got to be 2 hour before food or 2 hours after food.

My daughters result came back as negative finally.

The England game was boring!!!!!!

Woohoo 911 and 911 Lone Star are back on Sky Witness!!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone xx


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