Dates, Good news and a stressful week all mixed into one and its the start of the Euros.

Hello everyone. How’s everyone been this week?

This week started off ok with some lovely weather, caught the sun on my back and shoulders and chest lol oh and my feet because I have been wearing my dolly shoes (slip on shoes) to do the school runs instead of my trainers.

I went on a date on Thursday, we went out for a pub lunch. It was a nice date (no awkward silences) I had garlic chicken and mushrooms with baby potatoes and veg. We are planning a 2nd date so fingers crossed.

Also on Thursday I had some good news that I will be starting my job in September at a school as a lunchtime supervisor, I can’t wait. I have always wanted to work in a school ever since I got my Teaching Assistant qualification. I also start my college course soon- Level 2 certificate in Allergy Awareness which will come in handy.

I have finished and caught up with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med and now got to wait till the new seasons come out but they have been left on a cliffhanger so I’m eager to find out but got to wait.

I have a list of other things to watch which I’m slowly going through. If anyone has any suggestions please leave me a comment!!!!!!

Celebrated my dad’s birthday last weekend and this weekend will be celebrating my nieces birthday.

I messaged an ex wolves player on Instagram in the week because he recently announced his retirement from football (soccer) and I wished him luck in the future and sent him a few throwback pics I had with him from his playing days at wolves and he replied back to me!!!!!!!! I wasn’t expecting it.

The Euros start tonight, I can’t wait, every game will be on in my house, I have got to put my England flag up in my window. I have seen a few posts on my Facebook, people moaning about the football being on and the soaps being cancelled sorry but the Euros only happen every so often and BBC and ITV have the rights for it.

The weather has knocked me about this week (hay-fever sufferer) and feeling run down. Too stuffy at night to sleep.

Come on England on Sunday, 3 lions on the shirt.

I made up a bath hamper for a raffle for my eldest daughter’s school.

Here is a link to my Avon Facebook Page


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  1. Such a feel good post 🙂

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  2. Yes I have had a good week for a change. Smiling and thinking positive. I forgot to add on that I help out at my youngest daughters schools PTFA and I’m trying to organise a couple of things before the kids break up for a few members who are leaving the PTFA xx

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  3. Big congratulations 🎉 to you..

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  4. Congrats! Looks like some good thing happening for you 😊


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