Even bloggers get writers block, heres why I persevere, and how I overcome, also a little info about website/blog.


Some days I literally can’t be arsed to write a blog, but I end up doing one anyway.

Why do I do that?

Well let me 1st tell you reasons, why I can’t write a blog.

Sometimes I’m just busy, other times I’m looking for inspiration.

Then theres times I literally have a mind blank. Professional writers call that writers block.

Yeah bloggers get that too. I can be staring at the keys and think shit, my mind has gone, I physically can not think about what to write.

I often say when I’m writing a blog it just comes and I type or something inspires me and I justtype away, sometimes it just doesn’t want to come.

Even though when I’m writing my mind just opens up, but it does actually take something to ignite that spark.

Some days an idea comes into my head as I’m working away at work or just chilling out at home.

So yeah, sometimes I can be sitting here looking at the screen with just the word “Hey peeps,” and my mind can just go blank.

I’m then fumbling around trying to type something because all I can think about is getting a blog done and out there for my readers, and when nothing comes I feel gutted and feel like I have let you down.

That my friends is the why!

The reason I force myself to do a blog is because I don’t want to let you down.

When I can’t get a blog oit of my head, sometimes it’s just gone blank. Shit there’s even times I got the blog in my head ready to go but I don’t know how to word it, or what order to word it.

You see I don’t see this as a job, and in my mind there is 100s if not 1000s of blogs rolling around in my head. Sometimes they get muddled up and I don’t know how to get it out.

To overcome this writers block I just take a step back, go for a fag or do something else. Be it work or laying on the bed or even just having a potter around. Then suddenly my mind frees up, I stop what im doing and start typing.

Then once the 1st few paragraphs are down, my mind focuses on that subject, and opens up and words start flowing. Writers block overcome, then once I start I just can’t stop.

I tune everything out around me, and focus on getting the blog done and once I press that publish button my mind is automatically working on the next one.

If I had time and didn’t have to go to work, I could probably do 100 blogs a day. Obviously I wouldn’t do that, I’m sure I’d loose a few readers and followers if I do too many a day.

I’m sure you would soon get bored.

As I’ve said before, I’ve found a new passion for writing, and it opens up my mind like nothing ever before.

It feels good when I start writing, and I feel amazing when I finish a blog.

It makes me feel alive.

I love imagining smiles from you as you open my new blogs, I imagine myself on a big stage surrounded by all of you, peering up at me with wide eyes and big smiles, ready to listen to me.

Yeah that sounds weird, but from my point of view, being heard and listened too is such a massive thing.

As you know my stammer can be pretty bad, when I’m talking to people it seems like they loose interest, or there has been times when I’ve been talking and stammering and a whole new conversation starts between the people round me, then I just stop.

When I stop noone notices.

I feel left out and left behind when this happens, and it does happen.

Even with my friends and family, even with people closest to me.

It’s bullshit, yet it does happen, it’s a horrible feeling.

I’ve even had people walk away while I’ve been stammering because they get bored of waiting.

It feels degrading, it makes me feel an inch tall, it’s frustrating.

All I want is to be heard, and whether people read every blog of not, doing this makes me feel heard.

Doing this gives me an amazing feeling.

Ok so I don’t want to make this about my stutter, what I’m trying to say is, I love doing my blogs. I love entertaining and making people smile or laugh.

The bonus is I love being heard by you. I love your feedback, your likes and comments. It send such a good feeling through my body it’s hard to explain.

With your comments comes inspiration, when you comment it shows me what you like, that then makes me want to do more of what you like. It makes me want to keep you smiling, keep you coming back. I read everything you type to me and take it all in, I reply to every comment, I message back everyone who sends me a message, be it messenger or email or twitter or any other platform.

If you message me your guaranteed a reply, you want to know why?

I value you and your feedback, your comments and messages, be them messages of support or just a hi, even if you criticise one of my blogs, i value that so I can make them better for each individual. I need you to keep coming back, or this wouldn’t exist.

Without you these blogs would just be more empty words in the big void of the internet. They only mean something because you read them.

So please no matter what your doing, just press that like button, if you have time send me a message, just type a quick comment below, follow me or sign up to the email, I love it all. I crave it.

I mean, I spend up to, and sometines beyond, an hour writing a blog. It could take you 2 minutes to show your appreciation.

Yeah that sounds like a beg, but it’s not, it is just something that keeps me going.

Share my blogs, on your blogging page, your Facebook, your twitter, snapchat (screen shot and copy the link), even send to your family and friends on whatsapp, the share links are below,. I love having new followers, I love when you all come back and read my other blogs. It makes it feel worth it.

Here’s a few screen shots that may help you find these things.

Here are the share buttons, just after I sign off as THEPLAINANDSIMPLEGUY.

Right at the bottom after the like and share section.

New people can sign up here, found at the bottom of every page, and every blog.

If you press the world button it will take you to the internet, if your not already there, and my blogs will show up.

You can also share using this button, the 3 dots and 2 lines, cope using the rectangle and 2 lines. This will be found in the internet after you press the world button.

At the top of everything in the i ternet version (not wordpress version) press the menu and you will see all my other pages.

You see it’s a whole website, I created all these spaces for everything, from my blogs to randon pictures and videos, theres a lot more to it than just my blogs. Go go and explore, have fun with it.

You can also just start here and work your way through (click link below)


Also always open to suggestions, feedback and criticism good and bad.




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  1. So can relate and definitely lately, life is a bit challenging bright now. So when times are like this, writing sometimes does not happen. Please check my blog out. I’d love your feedback.

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