Make a difference, make someone smile, you could save a life just by asking if someone is ok, you could change the way someone sees the world, yes You.

Hey peeps, I hope your bank holiday weekend was awesome.

We got a fairnbit done today, but had plenty of time to chill. Worst part is I fell asleep in the sun, it was so hot and yeah I ws out for the count.

Also got a little bit more burned, it’s ok I’m not suffering.

That was my view at 1st then the sun moved so got extra warm.

Anyway it’s been a lovely day and an awesome weekend. It was too hot for a sunday roast, so we had a home made potato salad, and beef cob with amazing gravy.

Then we watched convoy with boy nd his friend cane over so that was class.

It’s been a very long time since saw that film and it brings back memories of watching it when I was a kid. It was my favourite film back in the day. Along with smokey and the bandit.

Shit them days were so simple.

Not having to worry about things, not having to do adult stuff. It was the good life. Then we have to grow up, and do adulting things.

How did life get so complicated and tough? Why does being an adult have to be so hard.

I don’t mean life itself, I mean keeping up with bills and making sure food is on the table. Worrying about keeping your kids safe and alive. All the stress and worries you have to carry around with you, holding the world on your shoulders.

Not literally the world obviously, just your world. Your little world of you and your partner and your kids, thats the world I’m taking about.

Life is tough, we all go through good times and bad times, there’s always that worry of whats round the corner. Always that worry of will I be able to feed my family tomorrow, next week or next month.

I don’t live above my means, but I literally only got a little bit at the moment. I’m talking money and belongings, I have everything I want like my family and my son, I want my daughter too but I know I only have to wait a little bit longer, when shes a little older and ready to come find me, obviously I don’t want to turn her world upside down. I’m sure it’s worth the wait, as ling as her mother hasn’t poisoned her mind totally against me. If you have read my previous blogs you will see why I had to leave and step away to protect her innocence and mind. Her mother was a sour vindictive bitch, let’s leave it at that.

As I was saying I got everything I want, but I would love a little more, something to show for my money I make and earn, a nice car would do, my debts to be cleared (yeah the debts that shouldn’t even be mine) it may be too much to ask for but hey ho, I’m asking anyway.

I’ve said in many blogs before, 20 grand of debt is a killer. I’m working my way through it as much as possible, but some days I feel going bankrupt is the only way. It’s stressful living with this above my head, so taking these very few times to be away from it all is magical, but it’s still there when I re emerge.

Will there ever be an end to all the shit? Maybe, maybe not. But for now I’ll live for the little moments of joy, the few days of escapism, the little events full of smiles. That’s what I live for, and also the blogs I do to make people smile, the little comments and likes to show I’m bringing someone happiness, that is helping my life feel meaningful, who thought doing a little bit of typing cn bring so much joy to 100s of people, yes now its 100s not a few people.

I live for these moments of release, typing away and getting it all out there, but let’s not forget the other thing’s I live for, my son and every second I spend with him, my mum and step-dad and brothers and other family members (even though I don’tsee them I still love them). Also, at the moment, the weekends I spend with a few people who have become to mean so much to me. My girl and her son, and mother and father in law (not married but still class them as that). These little things in life mean so much to me, just something I’m scared to loose.

Even my friends and work collegues (also very very close friends), and neighbours that are like family.

Even though it feels like I have very little and I’m not rich or famous, in reality, I’m rich in love, I’m rich in friendship, I’m also famous in friends too. Some people have even said I’m famous doing my blog, as being famous means being loved and adored by people you don’t know, they (as in you lot) are my fans, shit if that’s true then hell I love my fans, you lot keep me going too.

You see as a previous blog suggested ( we are all alone, but we are alone together.

Shit I believe that now more than ever, because we are all proper alone, going along our own roads alone but we are alone together, that suggests we are not alone, but never forget that we are, but we travel this lonely winding road with a bunch of other people who are alone too.

Doesn’t that make you feel good knowing that?

You may be surrounded by strangers, but them strangers may one day be your best friend, or someone you fall in love with. Hell they may just be that, they may just be a stranger forever, but in that brief moment your standing side by side in the que for the check out, or lining up to gobinto that club, you are a part of their world. Even if its just for a few minutes, your world become theirs nd vice versa. You could turn round and say hi how you doing today? Or shit this que is going slow eh?

Just that small comment may make them smile, it may make their day.

Seeing someone upset in the street and stopping to see if you can help, or just helping that old lady cross a busy road, or giving someone a lift because it’s pissing down could change that persons perspective of life. Fuck me sideways, it could even stop someone doing something stupid and ending their life.


Your interaction can change someones life, or steer them onto a different path, your nice comment or 5 minutes of your time could be an ultimatum someone has been waiting years for.

Yes you, and you, and you, and you hiding in the background, yeah you who reads all my blogs and doesn’t like or comment, you could be the difference that makes someones life a million times better. Even the new guy/gal/gender neutral who has started following me today or yesterday, even tomorrow (time travelling now woohoo, go me) could make my day loads better with a few words or a click of the screen.

Hell I could be making your mind up with this blog.

Hey I’m nothing special, but neither are you, noone is, but you can be special to someone, even if it’s just for 2 minutes or 50 years. Even a fucking smile can make all the difference in this day and age.

Damn I’ve gone all out passion on this one. Sorry but it had to be said, I hope it sinks in. I hope today or tomorrow you just do one thing nice for someone, especially a stranger, and then keep doing one nice thing every day. You could potentially save a life each time. Bring the smiles back to the streeta peeps, be the reason someone smiles today instead of frowns. Shit if my son can do it (and he quiet often does when we are out), if he can say hi to an old lady amd make her smile, if he can randomly pick up a little daisy and give it to a “pretty lady” (his words at the time of the event) then why can’t we?

If a small child can make a difference why cant we as adults?

Just one smile a day, that’s all it takes.



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  1. Wow, 20k is a huge amount, and you’re a boss for still taking it on. You will get there someday, slowly but surely. And bless you for having this perspective even though you have your own things in life to battle. Thanks for this post!

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  2. A smile costs nothing but gives so much πŸ™πŸ‘Œ

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  3. Everyone is special and everyone is just ordinary at the same time. All that matters is who chooses to show humanity to whom πŸ™‚ nice post

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  4. I agree how did life get so complicated.. Happy you enjoyed the sun. ❀️

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