Covid jab booked, a bit of internet change, and going to do a sexy calander for 2022 (not clickbait, just funny), I’m thinking of doing a charity event for autism soon.

Hey peeps, Thursday is here, yeah your probably thinking stop pointing out the obvious dickhead, but believe it or not many people often forget what day it is.

Yeah I’m just talking shit haha.

I hope your week is going ok so far, yesterday was a good day. The workshop controller stayed till 10. So the rumour of me being in charge for the night was false. Not complaining, it’s good, less responsibility.

I went out on a breakdown for my last job of the day so that wasn’t too bad, I just escorted him back to the yard, there was nothing i could do at side of the road. It was also the only way to make sure the customer kept it off the road to get it fixed, the driver said he was having this problem for weeks, but it was still driveable so was told to keep using it.

I find that annoying as it only makes the problem worse, just so the customer can save money, which in the long run it costs more so what the hell is the point? Isn’t it better to pay for it sooner so the truck is safe on the road. It was an adblue problem which then gets to a point of limiting the truck to 30mph, that would be shit if it happened to go on the motorway eh?

Anyway thats just a personal bug bear, with certain companies that don’t want to spend money.

In other news, I’ve booked my 1st covid jab for next friday, after work, they say the 1st or 2nd will make you poorly, one of the other not both. So I chose a friday so I’m not ill for work, i got all weekend to get over it. They also say if you have had covid then neither will make you ill, so will see if I’ve had it without knowing, or just the fact both never affected me haha.

Let me know if you have had yours, and how it made you feel, or even if you don’t want it, tell me why?

There’s a hell of a lot of different opinions on the jab, some for and against and many many conspiracy theories. But then again no matter what happens theres always conspiracy theories isn’t there?

Some true but most are just fucking idiots trying to stir up shit just for something to do. Also a hell of a lot of muppets who believe everything they read on Facebook.

I mean what’s happened to people? It’s like they obsessed with social media, noone meets new peole face to face these days. People arrange dates through messenger, people start falling in love over the phone, and worst part is people judge people on their looks alot these days.

Like people message someone becuse their profile picture looks sexy, or women pick men who look like they have muscles upon muscles on their picture or men pick women because they have a tit hanging out on their picture.

Come on people what ever happened to getting to know someone from the inside instead of what they look like.

Most of these “sexy” couples are trophy couples these days.

There’s a lot of fakeness too, not many people look like what their pictures say these days either. Fucking filters, I mean I could make myself look like Tom Hardy if i found the right filter.

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want to down grade my looks to Tom Hardy, but I could if I wanted too, haha just kidding he’s like next level wetness for the ladies, and wank bank material for the men who like men.

More and more these days women say they like the men with dad bods.

Hey thats got to prove something eh? Sorry adding some humpur into the mix.

Is it true? I don’t know, women are hard to read these days. I don’t have dad bod personally, but I’m just skinny.

I did think about doing my own calendar for next year, get half naked at work and get the lads to take pictures of me lying sexily accross a truck or pile of tyres ect. I don’t think it would sell though, I’m not magic mike kind, more like mr bean.

Look I’ll show you.

See? That’s the good stuff right there just for you ladies.

Hey lads, don’t think I forgot about you either. Here you go.

See? I could do one for the ladies and one for the gents.

(Pictures courtesy of a google search, they aren’t relly me calm down)

Got to love the internet eh?

Ok so lets move on from this weirdness.

I am thinking of raising money for charity, one for autism, for my son and others like him, I don’t know what I’m going to do yet but any ideas will be very welcome. Please comment.

Any money I can raise for charity, my work do a think where they will match what I raise, so that’ll be interesting.



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