I love you and crave you my readers, I hope you crave me too, and a little advice to other bloggers.

Hey peeps, I’ve been asked a question a few times the past few weeks.

I’ve been sked a few times, what inspires your blogs? What makes you blog about this or that? Or that blog you done yesterday or today, what made you think about writing that?

Ok let me answer this by just saying, life, life inspires my blogs. Every day things, or just something someone says, maybe even just a thought that pops into my head.

You see some bloggers plan a blog, some plan all week, some start writing blog Monday, work on it and perfect it and post it friday, some write down bits and bobs here and there, some write a bit and leave then come back, some even write a blog one day and spend all week touching it up and adding stuff, taking stuff away, chamging the wording for a week or so before they post it.

Not me, whether it’s right or wrong, I think of a blog and I start typing, once I press that 1st key the words just flow.

I don’t plan a blog, or change it over a week, I don’t perfect it, I don’t add things or take them away after some thought.

You see perfection isn’t real, if you wnt your blog to be perfect then you may aswell give up now and mever blog again.

I do a blog rndomly and I think it works for me. Thats why I’ve done over 150 blogs in 3 and half months. I’m still getting a steady rise in followers and likes.

Even though chasing for followers and likes isn’t my aim, I look after the readers I already have, when I get newer readers I welcome them with open arms, I carry on doing what I do.

Entertaining is just something that has currently become my forte and I love it. Yes I love doing my blogs because it makes people smile, the fact someone (or many people) have taken the time out of their day to read something I have done feels amazing.

Some blogs are just spur of the moment like this one, as I lay in the bath I thought people ask me this questuon, so hell I’ll blog about it.

See? Spur of the moment inspired by a question I have been asked.

Personally I find this easy and fun, once it starts feeling like a chore then is it really something you want to do?or is it something you have to do?

Noone like tidying up their house, but it needs to be done, everyone enjoys doing what they want to do, be it playing games, reading a book, watching a film, or writing. For me it is all of these. See where I’m going with this?

If your going to blog keep it as something you want to do, not need/have to do. Don’t give yourself deadlines, don’t think you have to do one every day or week. Donit when you want, keep it fun then you will wnt to do it.

If you end up having to do it then it becomes a job. When it becomes a job it becomes less personal.

Have fun with your blogs, have fun with your readers. Keep them guessing when your next blog will be coming, shit no actually have them needing your next blog to come out, hve them craving your next blog because they love it so much.

Make your blogs something your readers need in their life, something they can’t wait to read, something that gets them excited when they recieve that email saying new post from THEPLAINANDSIMPLEGUY.

Have then thinking every morning, I wnder if they will post today, I wonder what they will post about.

I really hope this is the reaction I get from my readers, I hope you crave my blogs, my stories, my pictures hell just crave me, that is what I love about writing. Being wanted and needed feels amazing.

I love that 1st like when I post, that 2st comment, most of the time it is a few minutes after I’ve posted. That lets me know that they have been waiting for me. I’m not going to lie but that that is an amazing feeling.

I love my readers, I love your likes, I love your comments, I love your feedback. Bring it on my sexy readers give me everything you can throw at me, I crave you my readers I hope you crave me too.



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  1. Great blogging Rob.. love your everyday casual tales πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸ‘Œ

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  2. Yes, exactly! ! I do not plan. June comes from straight from the heart. Isn’t that a song, oh yes, Bonnie Tyler? How people made fun of it. Not I am loved it, okay getting off the subject, hahaha anyways yes so what comes to me at that moment goes down on paper God help all of you😊

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