Tuesday at work, a seized hub, aching muscles, and a few near death experiences, also a Jupiter’s Legacy review, and Just Go With It review

Hey peeps, I hope your week is ok so far. Yeah I know its only tuesday.

Feels like I’ve had a week already just with today. The job I had today was a shit head.

It was supposed to be a straight forward trailer brake reline with drum change which I can do in like 15 minutes (you get 3 hours plus extra with changing the drums), but nooooo, the dumb ass hub had to be seized to the damn axle.

Yeah many of you probably thinking, what’s this dickhead on about.

Let’s just say it was a pain in the ass, and I’ve been using every single muscle in my body, even ones i didn’t know I had, and I’m aching like a bitch. I’ll be even worse tomorrow, guarantee it.

Also nearly died about 10 times doing it (yes exaggerating just a little bit for dramatic purposes). The tool we are supposed to use to remove the hub died, so improvisation had to come into effect.

At 1st I tried making a new tool, would have succeeded too if I could have found all the stuff I needed for it.

Sods law said nah, struggle motherfucker. So struggle I did.

Let me tell part of this story via pictures, yes I know I’ve not taken many pictures at work for a while, not a lot has been going on, like in depth work, it’s mostly been tappy tappy shit.

Improvisation happened. Yeah it wasn’t the best idea, but it was the final idea. That fucker was stuck on.

Lets say reasons for nearly dieing, the jack kept slipping off, the chain kept slipping off, the axle stand holding the jack kept sliding. Yeah a few close calls, not recomended, but dedication comes with a price eh?

I had to head up and use the sledge hammer all day trying to remove the hub. The lads at work know if I can’t get the fucker off, not many people can. I’ve told you about my hulk powers before yeah? All you newbies probably haven’t read that many far back.

I’m a tall guy (6 ft) and weigh 11 ish stone, yeah some may say skinny and looks weak, but the lads at work can confirm (yeah little jack comment below dude so they know I’m not lieing) I have some sort of weird strength, like banner/hulk kind of difference. I look skinny and weak (I got muscles, not very prominent with overalls on but I’m not showing you so don’t ask, I’m body shy) but inside I have some kind of hulk powers haha.

Anyway moving on, the Jupiter’s Legacy series was pretty good peeps, not quiet marvel, not even quiet DC level. Entertaining with a good twist at the end, some may figure out the twist coming up to the final episodes, I did mostly. I’d watch the 2nd series when and if it comes about. Overall a decent watch, it’s all about superheros, but kind of like a B movies budget. Little bit cheesy superhero suits, and very cheesy superhero names. Worth a watch as I said.

After that I watch an Adam Sandler film with Jennifer Aniston, called just go with it. Now I don’t have to tell you it was hilarious, as all Adam Sandler’s films always are. I’ll say it anyway, it was hilarious. Definitely watch it if you haven’t already. You will love it if you like my blogs, just saying.

Picture taken from google

I love all of Adam Sandler’s films anyway, he is amazing.

Well next up is S.W.A.T a series on Netflix, it looks pretty good so far. I’ll let you know after I’ve finished the 1st series, then I’ll do the same with the 2nd series.

What films/programmes would you recommend peeps, any recomendations I’ll try to find and watch and review (not all fims/programmes are available in ever country, so some I may not be able to do)

Let me know in the comments peeps.



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21 replies

  1. Yeah you’ve got some sort of mong hole strength lol🤣🤣

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    • 🤣🤣🤣 thanks bro lmao, but i think it’s supposed to say mongol bro lmao, it’s a saying from when the mongol army was smaller in many ways (smaller horses, smaller bows) but stronger than their enemies in many ways because of the smaller horses and bows (the smaller horses were more agile, and the smaller bows were stronger and fired the arrows better), shit dude I’m full of useless info 🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Hmmm, I wouldn’t say I like the looks of that. I may need that job on my car. Just hearing how you feel, my mechanic is not going to like me much longer. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m stuck at ” I’m 6ft ” how did you get so tall 😀 ?

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