Bad mood today, slowly got better, missed out on my saturday sandwich, and missed out on my advertising opportunity for work, there’s still time.

Hey peeps, happy Saturday.

Well it almost wasn’t a happy Saturday, yesterday was a shit day, and it put me in a shitty mood, which partially continued into today.

A job didn’t go to plan yesterday at work, and shitty jobs don’t usually get to me but this one did.

I was working on a show pony being used as a work horse, if you don’t know what I mean, I’ll explain, a show pony is a truck thats got all this fancy stuff to make it look pretty, to make it stand out in the crowd of trucks. A work horse is a truck that is just what it’s meant to be, a truck that is just used to work and do it’s job and not spiced up to show off.

Basically this show pony, being used as a work horse, had all this fancy stuff on it. Don’t get me wrong I love to see a truck being looked after as it shows the owner/driver shows pride in their home away from home. That being said, as sexy as they look, all the external show off bits and bobs makes our job considerably harder. Aka taking off a lot of extra stuff just to get to the components that are usually easily accessible. This makes our job harder.

So yeah I’ll admit I was pissed off and threw my dummy out the pram, doesn’t happen very often with me. So I can’t explain why it got to me so much. Probably because I never let things get to me, but yesterday I was thinking about shit too much so that didn’t help.

So yeah even people as reserved as me and chilled and fun loving as me get pissed off and annoyed at times.

Today was different, I started the day like annoyed with myself for the way I reacted to the shitty job, the lads aren’t used to me flipping my lid. So that was annoying me today, that and I missed out on my Saturday sandwich, but my mood improved even though I didn’t get chamce to do what I planned today.

I planned on doing something for work, something off my own back but approved by my boss. That imploded when it was raining on and off all day.

So I was going to be taking some pictures at work, of the site and garage and other bits and bobs and the breakdown van, and I was going to use them to send to the boss and up aboves to see if they would like to use them for advertising.

Basically show off another skill I have in the way of a photographer. I’m good at that, and I was going to teach myself to turn them into an advert for work, just to see if I could do it, and maybe broaden my horizons just a little bit more.

Something I’ve always wanted to try and achieve, but the heavens opened up and got in my way. There’s still time to do so and there will be other opportunities to do so. So I’m not overly upset over it.

I also had some good stuff, in the form of my awesome son.

Those who know me well enough, know my son is 7 years old and autistic along with other “problems”, as most of you know, along with that he has obsessions. His main obsessions are buildings (he wants to be an architect and builder) and comapnies/businesses, so it’s understandable he is obsessed with logos, signs and company names. Lil man is amazing and inspiring and he’s my world, he even inspires me to no end. Well he wanted his own Tesco clubcard, so he sent them a letter written by his mother, using his words and signed by him at the bottom, but Tesco apologised because you have to be 18 to have a clubcard, but they done something awesome and sent him a personalised letter in return along with a Β£5 gift card. He was over the moon with this so I would like to say THANK YOU Tesco if you see this. Below I shall provide pictures.

The letter he sent to tesco.

The reply off tesco.

I thought I’d share this with you to show not everything is bad, and it’s so cool. He loved it, albeit he was gutted he didn’t get the clubcard, but he still loved it. So I’m happy and this made my day.

On that happy note I’ll say, no mayter what kind of day your having, or how your feeling, always look for the positive things in life. You never know what may cheer you up, or make you smile.



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  1. Your son is indeed awesome. Kudos for Tesco for replying back in an amazing manner. I’m do glad it made your child happy!

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  2. Ayeeee! I know the post started on a hard note but you had me smiling at the end!!!!! Such a beautiful gesture!

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  3. That is So Great ❀

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