A job offer, even though not job hunting, a little bit of whats happening this weekend.

Hey peeps, I know I didn’t blog yesterday, i was tired and fell asleep early. Don’t be upset, I got a weekend of good stuff planned.

We will be planting the cucamelons tomorrow, and the other plants will be arriving over the weekend too (yeah about fuckin time too) so plenty of picture opportunities will be coming.

I’ll also take more pics of the stuff we have done so far, and I’ve been sent a few pictures from a fellow blogger from India. A place I have wanted to visit for years now. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful country, albeit busy, but there are a hell of a lot of beautiful sights to visit.

I’ll do a blog featuring them tomorrow. It’ll be a busy blogging day/weekend so clear your schedules peeps.

Also I put a question out there on LinkedIn today, I’ll do a blog about that tomorrow too, it’s interesting but I’ve had noone answer or comment. Maybe a bit of a touchy subject, find out tomorrow. Oooohh got your eyes puckered now don’t you?hehe, maybe I’ll get more response from you peeps.

Also something I’d like to mention is, I got offered a job yesterday. Hmm, it’s tickled my fancy and got me thinking a little bit. Just a few questions I need answering at the moment about it so I’ll keep you updated, we will see how that plays out. It’s a bit more money than I’m on now, and working out of a fully equipped van working on trailers, so very easy work. Also get paid from the moment I step out the door. As I said we will see what happens. I wasn’t even looking for a job but opportunities come in different shapes and sizes.

I’ve never actually been in a job interview, or presented a CV, I’ve always been offered jobs by people who want me to work for them, because they know how I work and like it, or I’ve been recommended by old collegues. The once (my old boss) knew me from years before and always asked me to work for him, he would constamtly call me up not begging but not far off.

Anyway I decided to go for it one day and went for “interview”, well it was more of a catch up and when can you start kind of think.

Life happened and I needed to be closer to home, so I spoke to my area manager (the one before that job) and he then begged me to come back to the place I an at now and well it was the most opportune moment so I came back.

That was just a catch up and when can you start again. Sometimes it is about who you know. I guess I’ve always had it easy, with job opportunities, it’s never really been I’ve looked for a job but they have come to me or fell into my lap I suppose. I guess that’s what a good reputation does for you.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect, I’m not a robot, so yeah I’ve made mistakes but I’m the kind to own my mistake and take it on the chin. Noone can say they never make mistakes, if they do then they talk complete and utter shite.

My mistakes have always been stupid dumb mistakes that I should have avoided, but sometimes it just happens. Many things affect you in many way and they affect the way you think, hence mistakes happen.

I’ve never really had a big big fuck up like an engine blowing up, it’s mostly stupid shit like I miss somethig obvious and it causes an MOT fail. Like I said noones perfect.

Anyway prepare for a few blogs this weekend, I’ll be busy but I’ll provide for you, don’t you worry your cotton socks.

This week has been pretty cool, gone fast and not too bad.

I love working where I work, but there are a few issues, nothing to do with money. But every place has issues so this job offer is just something to think about. Nothing set in stone, but I’ll keep you updated, and explain more when the time is right.

I hope you have all had a good week and I hope you have an awesome weekend.



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  1. Such an interesting day you’ve had!!! And an even more exciting weekend coming up! Woohoo!

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  2. Oh yeah, sometimes it really is about who you know indeed. I myself have gotten more opportunities as a writer because of the contacts I’ve made, rather than being able to attract cold traffic. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    • Your very welcome mate. It helps dude, I would also love to do more writing stuff. Maybe one day do it and get paid and maybe even make a living out of it. I don’t want to be a mechanic forever esspecially when I’m older, I’m 33 now some days i feel 83 haha. This job takes it toll.

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