Happy bank holiday, typical its cold and raining, also a bit of how I want to be remembered when I go (Rob the stuttering asshole who helped anyone)

Happy bank holiday peeps.

Yes it looks like it’s going to be a traditional british bank holiday, no sun, potential rain and overcast and obviously cold, for most parts of the Britain.

Eh, don’t worry about it, we are used it. Guess what, it never holds us british down, we always carry on and still do bank holiday things.

There will still be BBQs, people will still have days out, and loud music in the process but mostly people will just enjoy not being at work. That is the british way, true british culture, obviously.

Let me know your bank holiday plans, it would be good to know, and I’ll feature some in my next blog.

That is the true beauty of being british, nothing holds us back, nothing hold us down, we carry on and live our lives.

It can be both good and bad, good because we are resilient, bad because in times like this we should be a little bit more coutious.

Lets face it even during the world wars, we still carried on and won, obviously with help.

Even though we are living through a crisis, and a hell of a lot is happening here and around the world, it’s actually quiet scary and conserning, but people are still just going about their business. Letting nothing slow them down, even though people are second guessing their choices (well most people) of doing this or that, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are far from out of the woods yet, but there are guiding lights helping us along our way.

Of course there a fmvery few trying to spoil that, or trying to ruin that beacon of hope, by refusing to wear masks, or bitching about the vaccine or complaining about the government.

Each to their own, individuality and all that shit, but come on Mr Boris has done a damn fine job considering, I mean he was left to deal with the brexit shit (yeah I know he helped start it all off) and he eventually got there with a decent enough deal, then then thrown into the deep end with a world wide pandemic. Along with that, having to keep everyone happy while trying to do the right thing, of course he will never make everyone happy.

He done what he could with the information and guidance he was given. So if you want to blame anyone blame the guidance givers, or scientists, or even the news outlets, come on we all know they focus on the wrong shit, and then twist and turn information to make the headlines better, and also very often lie about shit and make stuff up, just to sell a story.

I think we have dealt with it fair decent enough. Not amazing don’t get me wrong, but hey ho what you going to do? We saw a brief moment, during 1st lockdown, where everyone was holding together and helping everyone, no matter what was happening everyone done something to help their neighbours, friends, family, even strangers. The roads were empty, the shops were doing a system, the people in the shops were fully respectible.

Even though it was a horrible and scary unsure times, noone know what was happening or what was going to happen, everyone was nice and it was amazing to see such things like helping and respecting. Thats what kept the country going, respecting and loving the people who had to work, the people keeping the country running, (the backbone of society) which when you look back and think about it, it was really a small group of people.

People who are back to being looked down upon, people who are underrated, people who never get a thank you these days. I mean if a footballer and mechanic where standing next to each other, and you had to choose one to thank, and one to push down a hole, 99% or people would push the mechanic down the hole and thank the footballer, ask for his autograph and take a picture, just because he scored a decent goal from 100 yards out.

If you had to chose between an actor and a shop assistant, most would kick the shop assistant down the hole and ask the actor to sign a piece of paper or a picture and beg for a selfie.

Also what makes it worse is, them fuckers get paid millions more than us normal folk.

Hey that’s the way of the world eh?

Keep smiling my friends, just remember, live your life to the fullest, and when the time comes to descend into the next life, or whatever you believe in, just make sure you are remebered for the right reasons. Mostly remember life is not matrialistic, and money doesn’t make the world go round, momentum does, and also never forget all this materialistic bullshit gets left behind, you can’t take it with you.

Money and clothes and houses and cars will not remeber your name when you go, loved ones and friends will never forget you. Thats how you live on forever, these blogs are my attemp to make my markbin the world, but in reality my kids are my legacy, my loved ones are the ones who will be saying oh you remember Rob? Yeah that stuttering asshole, he was cool and done anything to help anyone. That my friends is the way I want to be remembered.



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  1. The last paragraph I related with the most! I also often wonder about how I want to be remembered or if I will be remembered!

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