Half way to the weekend, sharing some blog statistics, another big thank you, and a little bit of work training coming up.

Hey peeps, half way through the week, we’re doing good keep it up. Today i was told I’m on a course next week for 2 days. Tuesday and Wednesday, I should be working the late shift (2pm till 10.30pm, 10pm if work through lunch which is everyday) so to be on a course for 2 of them days is nice, I’m also going to try book off monday so technically will only have a 2 day week and saturday morning obviously.

Now that my friends is a week I can get fully behind. So the course is basically so I can get an I.D card, so I can do breakdowns on the side of the motorway, I do them anyway but it’s mostly due to the plastic coppers driving the plastic cop cars, you know the ones that can’t really pull you over but supposed to assist traffic when someone is stranded or pick up debris when its floating across the lanes. Yeah them ones, as I was saying it’s mostly for them when they ask “are you trained to do motorway breakdowns” as they can be pretty damn dangerous (mostly due to the muppets on the road).

I’ve never experienced one pull over when I’ve been doing breakdowns, but I’ve heard some can be assholes. They actually think they own the roads, other peoples words not mine, as I said I’ve never experienced an encounter.

I’ve even got to do my hair this weekend (it’s a mess and looks like a wild bush, or ive been dragged through one backwards, sideways and upside down in that order) it’s been a while since I brought it under control, I’ll call the council to bring the strimmer and hedge cutters don’t worry.

Oh forgot to say, they will be taking my picture for the I.D card that’s why I need to cut my hair and I may aswell do my make-up too. Shit I better give myself a spray, just in case it’s a scratch and sniff card.

I’ve also got another interview/mini blog up and coming. Hopefully I can get that sorted soon. Just for the record I want to do loads more of these so if you fancy it get in touch.

Also today i would like to share some statistics of my blog with you, some I actually don’t understand so maybe some of you can explain.

This one shows how many wordpress followers I have.

This one shows how many people follow me by email.

I don’t know 100% what this one means , the social one, maybe how many followers I have on social media?maybe. Makes me look more popular anyway so it’s cool and makes me feel good (let me have it I need this)

This is the amount of views, visitors, post I’ve done, and the best views in 1 day ever. Don’t ask why I explained this but accept it for what it is. (But posts and best views ever equal same so thought that would be fun to show)

Self explanatory, looking good after only 2 and half months if I say so myself.

This is my visitors each day. I did tell you that they go up and down and some days can be like 1 view next day 100 views then day after back down to lik 18, it is what it is, I can’t force people to come. (Apart from lil jack at work I force him.)

This is my monthly views, same as daily but you can see each month. You can also see weekly and yearly as well.

This one you have seen before, obviously places in the world my website blogs have touched the world. I love looking at this one every day, make me feel so proud.

So as you see, I can see who’s following me (not shown in pictures, privacy policies and all that, told you it was safe in my hands peeps) and how, but these views are what keeps me going. Whether it’s one view a day or 1000, it still gets me excited, still makes me star in wander at how have I done this, someone who doesn’t really get attention or recognition or praise. That is what you peeps do to me, you get me all excited and fuzzy inside and make me feel wanted or needed and very appreciated. So THANK YOU ALL once again, keep it up and I will too (the love and blogs peeps, let’s not let your imagination run wild).

I’ve got a good idea for my next blog (idea stolen with permission) so that’ll come soon.



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  1. Good luck on your courses and many congratulations on these blog stats ✨ You’re amazing and have achieved so much in a short space of 2 and a half months. Keep up the great work, Rob! 💗💪

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