I love blogging, it’s not easy to stand out in the blogging world, and a little bit of work too.

Hey peeps, I hope everyone has had an awesome Monday. Mines been pretty cool, I’ve done a trailer service that had brake problems, the brakes had worn down so much they had messed up the disc. Not something you want to see as replacing brake pads  is a lot cheaper than changing the discs too. I think what’s happened is the brakes were checked before (maybe last service) and checking the pads you can’t really see the inside pad very well, so it’s a six and 2 three’s kind of scenario. I only noticed because of the graze in the disc and also the pads looking pretty low. I knew that you could see the inner brake pad from a different direction so I managed to save the front discs. The other job was an MOT which ended up not being too bad but a couple of interesting jobs, it was fun to do. Below is some pictures of the trailer disc.

Not a pretty sight eh?

So I’ve just been doing this blog for over 2 months now, and I’ll tell you (maybe I’ve said it too many times I don’t know but I’m passionate) I’m still loving it. I’ve made some new friends doing this too. I’m getting nearly 50 followers, I got 35 followers on WordPress and 14 email followers so I count that as 49. Yeah I’m taking it I don’t care.

Website traffic looks awesome, I’m getting a steady flow of visitors and likes. It’s not all about that though. I do really appreciate all my followers and email sign-ups, your all awesome and I thank you once again.

I didn’t think I’d get so many in so little time, even though it feels like I’ve been doing it for years. It feels good it really does. I really hope I can still get more people interested.

I’m far from a natural writer but it flows out of me like a voice. Once I start typing I can’t seem to stop. It just flows and I want to keep going but I also don’t want to make it a book so you get bored.

I didn’t want to be famous or an influencer (I wouldn’t be good at it) and I’ve never really begged for followers or people to sign up even though it does feel good, but now I’ve come this far I want to make it big. I want to entertain and do awesome things. I want to make my stamp in the world, I really want to achieve something.

I’ve never wanted to be famous and probably never will be, but if I can change someone’s life for the better or help someone make a change to improve their life then that would be an amazing feeling.

I’d love to be flowing through Facebook or twitter or LinkedIn and see some random person just sharing my blogs saying this is amazing or check this out. This was never my aim but the more I blog and the more attention my blogs get the more I would love to see this happen. It’s a feeling that would make me proud. Someone I don’t know or knew about sharing my things for others to enjoy.

Blogging is such a big game now it seems like everyone is doing it so it’s difficult to actually get noticed, it’s not easy to blog about something no-one else has tried. It’s not easy to not look like a copy cat, it’s not easy to be original. Many blogs though have themes, or some only blog about one thing or one section, that’s why my aim is to be random, no theme and no end game. That’s why if you look through all my blogs, they will all be different. I go on about work, my personal life and my past but also try to do random subjects. I’m not the best at it and don’t really do much research, but what I put into my blogs is what’s in my head. My thoughts and my feelings. If I’m ever wrong on a subject then so be it, but it’s what’s flowing through my head at the time. Obviously I’ll be doing more research for my subjected blogs in future. I’ve also started watermarking or copyrighting my pictures, by putting my blogging name at the bottom right of my pictures so I hope that works how I intend it to work (I’m sure that would count as copyright yeah? Advice needed for this if anyone can provide). Any pictures that don’t have that are not my pictures and i shall say so under the pictures when appropriate.

I’ll also be doing more personal blogs, and experience blogs, and hopefully some more interviews and mini biographies, and definitely more on my stammer/stutter and I’ve not given up trying to make a difference.

Also I’m definitely going to be doing more videos for YouTube. That’ll be cool, and I hope they become popular too.

Let me finish this off with a little question, hopefully to get your minds wandering, and hopefully I can get more comments.

Where do we belong? That is such a difficult question, where do we belong in this big wide world?

Everyone can become what or who they want, it may take a while maybe years to get there, but what do you actually want to do with your life? What do you want to achieve? What is your endgame? What do you want to be remembered for? What do you think the world needs? What is personal to you? Most of all Who are you?

Ok that’s a few more than a little question but all valid, and questions you need to ask yourself, yes ask yourself these questions and when you find the answers you can become what you want or need to become.

You will go through highs and lows in life, you will meet new people and make new friends and loose old friends just like that. The ones who stick by you are the ones worth having by your side. There’s a saying I’ve always said (well quiet a few but here’s one) if they don’t accept you at your worst then they don’t deserve you at your best. Find the ones in life who will walk through hell and still be standing side by side when you walk out the other side, that’s very hard to find someone like that and if/when you have someone like that please never let them go.

Here’s another saying I say every single day, keep smiling.



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  1. Loved this post! Check me out too! ❤️

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  2. ooo I’m glad you’re blogging don’t stop I’m rooting for you I wish you the best and I’ll keep reading your blog hugs

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  3. Glad you are doing well

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  4. Awesome post! Keep blogging! I’m following your post!


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