Find out who you truely are here, this was scarily close for me, emotional as hell.

Hey peeps, it’s a late one I know, i been napping most of the evening but after work I saw my son so that’ll always come 1st.

So not long ago this evening I was asked if I want do trybone of them personality test things. Obviously I said yeah, and wow it worked. I’ll post a link below then search on youtube “sleeping at last -” then after the dash type what number you got I didn’t get a very clear one but my top one was 6 and fuck me it was me alright. Try it out.

This is the one I got (well it was my top one so you do the same see what you get)

Now answer it with total honesty or you will get the wrong result. You should connect with the song it chooses for you if not you have done it wrong. If you can comment which one you got and let me know. Find yourself and be honest with yourself, thats the only way to live life. Thats the only way you can become you and your full potential can be reached. I’ve also been shared this so it’s a big read but so like me its scary.



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