My most dedicated readers know a lot about me, how mad is that? My onlyfans on the way 🤣 Please everyone donate to my gofundme for autism charity.

Hey peeps, happy monday.

It’s soon some back round hasn’t it?

Let’s see what this week brings eh?

So there may be a few life changes in the next few months, I’ll keep you updated. I’m not 100% sure what’s going to happen or how it’ll happen, but going to play it by ear.

I may be moving in a couple months, I may be moving in a couple years, I really don’t know what will happen.

I’m just glad your along for the ride, I’m glad you can be with me for this peeps. Believe it or not you dedicated readers know more about me than a lot of people close to me know. How weird is that?

I mean none of you really know me personally, and you know a lot about my past, you know a lot of my struggles and you know things about me and the stuff I love to do.

Then I have people close (or supposedly close) and friends that don’t even know half the stuff you people do. Shit there’s people on here who follow me like a shadow and your half way across the world and you know more about me than some people at work or even in my own family.

How crazy is that?

Like seriously that is so true. Essentially your strangers (don’t worry your all cool and amazing) in a sense, I don’t know much about a lot of my followers on here and social media, but you know a lot about me.

I had this conversation the other day with a mate who actually does follow my blog, and they said it’s like your famous. Haha. Shit I’m not famous, far from it, but having “fans” feels awesome. I don’t know whether you class yourself as a fan of my work I create, but if you do then thank you so so much. I consider all my followers friends, to any sort of level.

I mean shit if I ever met any of my “fans” I’d be the one asking for a selfie with you.

I’m not famous however, and I’m not an influencer as some may like themselves to believe, I’d never even ask for special treatment if I did make it proper big.

Hell how do you even make it proper big these days.

I have people telling me they tell their friends and family about me, and they read some of my blogs through them, but hell tell them to sign up. The more followers I see following me the more confident I become.

With me becoming more confident, that helps me in so many way you peeops wouldn’t realise.

So if you are a “fan” or a friend or even just a follower, thank you so much. Please share me with your friends and family, and ask them to do the same.

The more I get the more I do, and the better it makes me feel.

Most of all though, I really do hope some of my blogs are helping people, even if it’s just in the smallest of ways.

Oh and please this is one beg I will admit too. Please I beg you to please donate to my go fund me for autism. It is strictly to help people like my son, and to help raise awareness. I’ll do anything for these donations. Links at top and bottom of any future blogs, including thos one)

If there is anything you people would like me to blog about, just ask.

I have plenty of blogs “planned” some more will even delve deep into me, some will be helpful some may even be so emotional I’ll cry myself. Plenty and I mean plenty will be hilarious.

Most of these blogs are my story through life, they are hard to write about, some are very fun, but most can have a funny side. If your a dedicated follower you will see I go deep into some blogs but always try to see the best parts of life and put a funny spin on things, I’m not out for sympathy or for self righteous reasons.

I’m here doing this blog for the fact it keeps me sane. If I can give a few life stories along the way, and help people too, but mostly to put a smile on your face or even make you laugh then happy days.

I love doing what I’m doing, and maybe one day (at this rate like 20 years) I’ll be doing this full time and earning some good cash from it to do so. Hey maybe not, either way I’ll carry on, as long as I’ve got you to entertain and you keep coming back then that’s all the encouragement I need.

For now have this, hopefully makes you laugh.

Hey I thought it was funny.

Also contact me on any of these, any time of the day, and about anything. Even if you just need advise, even if you just fancy a chat.

My website

My twitter

My facebook page

My facebook messenger

My email

My YouTube channel

My LinkedIn

My pinterest

Also I been told to make it more personal add a photo to a blog with my contact stuff, but you can see my picture in the about me page of the website. So go check it out.

Chilling out, no I’m not doped up.
At work.

There we go now fuck off, haha just kidding, no naked ones so calm down peeps, I’m saving them for my only fans. Hey don’t judge it works for some women eh?🤣🤣🤣



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  1. Hit I’m back and catching up and you were not known adding when you said I had a lot to catch up on. Lol! I feel the same way I believe you and my followers know me better than my family and friends that are not associated sorry to hear this I hope you’re okay. 💗

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