Mental health week. It is real and it is dangerous, please share this and help someone today.

#mentalhealthawareness week.

Don’t call it a band wagon, it is not that at all.

It’s a very serious matter, and in my opinion it shouldn’t be a week, it should be a constant thing, as it affects everyone and everyones choices and contributes to a hell of a lot of wrong choices, due to the fact it can hold people back from their full potential.

People suffer from mental health every day.

From personal experience, You never get over it.

Even when your “better” your never ever 100%.

I have been to depressionville a lot in my life and I’m still not 100% cured and never will be.

I still suffer from anxiety, and axiety attacks. I have recently started opening up about it through my blogs, in hopes it can help others.

It mostly started when my ex left me with a lot of debt, which is still on going. Also when I left I left everything. I had nothing but my name and a car, which I also had to fight for.

Another ex left me in even more debt, again I left with nothing.

The best things to come out of them 2 relationships were my kids and I had to start again both times.

I’m now in £20k worth of debt. I’m slowly working through it all and trying to get it under control, but I still feel like I’m drowning.

Every day I’m worried someone will knock the door and take all my stuff, every time I hear a door knock my heart skips a beat and then threatens to leap out my chest.

Depression and anxiety is difficult for everyone is even harder for a man to admit this kind of thing.

People think a man should be strong and indepepndant, I don’t feel strong most days and doubt myself a lot.

I have always wanted to make something out of my life and do a lot more than I have but feel like I can’t. Not with depression and anxiety, it lingers with you, it never goes away.

I also feel my stammer holds me back too. So that doesn’t help with anxiety issues, I’m constantly saying sorry for stammering, I’m constantly worried if I start talking will I stammer.

You see mental health is invisible, you can’t see it from the outside, it’s hidden very well with a smile. That person your working next too may be suffering but you will never know until they tell you.

Shit, sometimes you don’t even know yourself until it’s too late.

You put on a brave face, you smile every day, you keep going and going, but behind closed doors your crying.

Behind that mask you put on so well, your dieing. Your scared to ask for help because people will see you as weak, so you continue to look strong.

Try as you may, your still drowning in self doubt, that weight is pulling you further and further under water, until it’s conpletely dark.

You don’t see a way out so you give up, you stop trying, you stop looking after yourself, you just stop.

Everything feels like a challenge, cleaning your house, cleaning yourself, eating properly, even waking up.

You hide all this well behind your wall you have built, behind that mask you created, behind that smile.

You ignore it yourself, you try to ignore it. Every now and then just when that smile starts to feel real, that bungee pull you back with a vengeance, causing you whiplash.

It hurts and it hurts, but you continue to smile. You can’t let anyone see your struggling. You can’t seem weak, the vultures start notice first a little bit, and they nit pick and push you deeper, your friends start to notice because they see that smile start to slip now and then, your family notice, they tend to peek over that wall and see all the shit.

Noone seems to help, you feel alone. Noone feels like they can help because your too proud to ask. Even when they offer you bite back and say everything is fine.

Shit starts to pile up, but you still try to cover it. Sweeping it under the carpet, but you can’t see the T.V. too well because it’s in the way. You can’t concentrate very well because your back is aching from carrying all this weight.

You loose interest because you don’t see the point anymore. It all comes to an end because you have pushed everyone away.

Some people think they becone a burden, so they see it as the end.

Some people just end it to stop the pain and suffering, the pain and suffering they feel, the pain amd suffering they think they are doing to others, their family and children, their friends and work collegues.

Some seek help, sometimes that help comes, sometimes it doesn’t.

You see mental health comes in many shapes and forms, just because someone seems ok and happy and jokes around, it doesn’t mean they are ok.

Check on your friend, family, work college, even your neighbour.

Sooner or later it will be too late, you will have missed your chance.

You could save a life today just by saying how are you, or just a hug helps.

Never see mental health as a burden, see it as an opportunity to help a fellow human being.

MENTAL HEALTH is a real thing, don’t ignore it.



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  1. You are so so so strong. You are doing amazing and you should be proud of yourself. Anxiety is such an evil thing and no one knows when it will strike but you are very well aware of your problems and know how important mental health is. You will be absolutely fine 🙂

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  2. All I am going to say Rob I love you with all my heart no matter what and I am here for when ever you need me x

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  3. My heart goes out to you. I can relate because I battled depression for years and have even attempted suicide when it got unbearable. Luckily, I didn’t succeed. Know that you are among friends here in tbe blogosphere and we care. Depression is the worst curse one can ever be under. And don’t worry about trying to follow some man-code because men have feelings too and we completely understand. Continue to talk to those who love you and do what you must do to take care of yourself. Sending warm thoughts your way. ❤🤗

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    • Thank you so much cherie, that means so much, it really does. The reason I’ve started opening up is because I want to help others open up and not be afraid to talk. Many people think they shouldn’t because it makes them weak, but in reality it makes us stronger to talk. In the end that’s all we have, and to talk means we get things out in the open so we can get that help and support. Once I realised that, I realised that yes I may be alone but I’m aline with others (another blog I donereflects that comment) so are we really alone? My heart goes out to you too and I’m glad you didn’t succeed and I’m glad to have met you this way, if you ever want to talk you know how to contact me, hopefully.

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  1. Reminiscing some old blogs, I opened up again, I been slacking and closing up, but I’m back. – THEPLAINANDSIMPLEGUY

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